“Unlock the Secrets of Optimal Health”

“Embarking on the journey towards optimal health can seem daunting, especially for men over 50. With our comprehensive guide, “The Age of Optimal Health,” we provide an in-depth exploration into maintaining an active lifestyle, ensuring proper nutrition, and taking preventative measures to safeguard your health”

This book doesn’t just stop at personal health; it delves into the societal issues that impact our well-being. Take for instance, Kosrae, where obesity rates are alarmingly high – 88% of adults aged 20 or older are overweight, and 59% are obese. This is not due to poverty, as one might assume. In fact, billions of dollars from fishing industries could be used to combat this public health crisis.
The Age of Optimal Health” challenges the status quo and raises important questions: How is the FSM National Government utilizing these funds? Could more be done to promote health consciousness and combat obesity in Kosrae?

Our book goes beyond providing information – it encourages action. It presents a detailed analysis of obesity studies conducted in Kosrae, highlighting potential strategies to utilize funds from the fishing industries constructively.
Join us on this enlightening journey towards optimal health. Learn, act, and become a part of the solution. Purchase “The Age of Optimal Health” today, and take the first step towards a healthier future.”

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