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Surleigh Tara

Surleigh Tara is the Founder and CEO of Kahs In Kol, Inc. (also known as Pacifika United). This non-profit ministry aims to equip leaders in pockets of growing Pacific Island communities with the tools they need to share the Gospel. Surleigh holds a Master of Divinity from Azusa Pacific University and is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Bible Exposition at Liberty University. He has worked in ministry for over 15 years. His organization has experienced success in empowering individuals with the knowledge and resources needed to spread Gospel throughout their communities, providing spiritual guidance to those facing hard times, and creating comfort and hope through Jesus Christ.

Surleigh is dedicated to his mission at Kahs In Kol, Inc., taking great pride in serving God through his ministry. He is also passionate about reaching out to those in need, offering joy and peace into their homes through the organization’s efforts. Surleigh is married to his wife, Eleanor Marcus Tara, and is the father of four children: Trevor, Vanessa, Chelsea, and Zacheriah. His family is blessed by God’s love and guidance, allowing Surleigh to fulfill his calling with Kahs In Kol, Inc. (dba: Pacifika United). It brings him great joy to share the love of Jesus with those in need and bless them with comfort and hope.

Surleigh is an invaluable asset to his community and continues to be a light in the lives of those he serves. He is dedicated to making a difference in the world through his ministry and providing comfort, hope, and joy for all who come into contact with him. His passion for Jesus Christ, faithfulness, and commitment make him a blessing.

People are often amazed at the insight and guidance a simple self-help book can provide. This is designed to help men over 50

- Surleigh Tara

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