The Age of Optimal Health

The Age of Optimal Health

The Age Of Optimal Health

People are often amazed at the insight and guidance a simple self-help book can provide. This is designed to help men over 50

Surleigh Tara

Published: June 2023
ISBN: 978-1-80128-942-9

As men reach the 50th year of their lives, they face a unique set of health and wellness challenges. In this book, I will discuss how to approach these issues with an eye for maintaining optimal health during a pandemic. You’ll learn tips for managing weight, exercise routines, nutrition plans, as well as mental health management strategies. Additionally, stay ahead of the game by getting preventative screenings and immunizations to protect your health. My goal is to provide readers with an in-depth look at how to take charge of their health and live a life they’re proud of. With this book, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools necessary for achieving true wellness at any age!

Remember: You are never too old to start taking care of yourself. With The Age of Optimal Health, you can achieve a new level of health and well-being!

The Age of Optimal Health provides men over 50 with an all-encompassing guide to understanding the importance of preventive care during the COVID-19 pandemic. My wife, Eleanor, read the book and stated that not only men over 50 years of age can benefit from the book, but others can find the information helpful, relevant, and important. It offers tips on exercise plans, relaxation techniques, healthy foods, preventive health screenings, mental health awareness, and gratitude practice.